About me

Kenneth Mbugua is a man, a sinner, a Christian, a husband, a pastor, a nairobian, a calvinist, a LeBron fan, an author, a teacher, a lover of the church and her Savior. He serves Emmanuel Baptist Church as an Associate Pastor, has a desire to see churches equipped to pursue health, and a burden to see pastors trained and churches planted in South Sudan. He is a co author in the book “Gaining the World Losing the Soul” a book against the false teachings of the prosperity gospel

.Arlette & Ken (11)

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Sam Hembree says:

    Hello Ken,

    My name is Sam. I lived in thika for three years and have been back in the states since last June. I have been feeling the lord leading me to coming back there to spread the same message you are talking about. I would love to talk with you and work with you when I am back. I am coming in October and should be there for 6 months. I would love to talk about all this in depth with you. 😃

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