The Journey Continues

I’m on the plane on my way into Juba…I feel like my mind has for the first time in a few weeks now finally had the chance to chill out and think about nothing! It feels great. When I went to sleep yesterday the general feeling was that I was as unprepared for this trip as I possibly could be…my mind was scattered…the date to fly out had been brought one day closer but I only found that out the evening before…I had meetings to cancel, a speaking engagement to cancel, a writing project deadline to beat…
But God as always had a plan to prepare His earthen vessel for the task ahead. I had a meeting with Dan Eids that morning scheduled for 7:30, I thought about canceling it because I would need the few hours I had left to pack up and stuff but then I figured I would just go ahead and go for it…a rushed morning would not be anything out of the ordinary. The about or so we spent fellowshipping with this brother were pure medicine for my tired soul. The man was hardly even an acquaintance but you would not have known it, once I took the chair we just started talking…and within minutes we were excitedly sharing the beauties of our salvation…the glories of God’s mercies…the battles of the flesh…the struggles of ministry…the grace of our God. Our God is in the heavens watching over his loved ones…working out his sovereign will to bring his name glory through them…we need not try to serve him with human hands
The airport was crammed with people…it was as chaotic as I have ever found it. Paid for my visa, grabbed my bags and after a mini drama with the customs officials, they took the base radio that I was bringing in on behalf of CMA. According to the logistics guy who came to pick me up, it’s no big deal…it has happened before.
It’s great to be back. The rest of the evening passed Without any incidences.

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