Life goes on

Life in Sudan is not half as hard as people imagine it is. The ideas many have when they hear that I come to Sudan to preach the gospel is that I’m walking through the desert from village to village wearing camel’s skin, eating nothing but honey and locusts being chased around by head hunters. It’s not quite like that. It might not be an easy place but it is not unbearable either, after all I have people cooking for me, washing my clothes for me, and every now and then cleaning up my room for me. In the evenings we play darts with the guys to wind down…a few times a thankful individual from the community will give us a goat out of gratitude and we will have ourselves a good ol barbecue. And I haven’t even mentioned my stash of snacks which I supposedly carry to help keep my energy up. Let’s just say life could be a whole lot harder. That said those who live here experience a hardship on many levels that is not common to us who live in the cities. When I highlight those differences I do so not to make my us feel guilty for having but rather to open up our eyes to hardships that our brothers and sisters endure daily as they live out their Christian lives. My hope is that their endurance will challenge city Christians whose endurance levels are often times in the negatives. These

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