First day

Left Nairobi at 8:00am and was in Juaibor by 1.00pm. The difference between the two places is more than I have time to type out, let it suffice to say that in many ways it’s like stepping back in time, way back.

Got to fly with Stephan Haganier, great pilot but an even better man. I’m reminded of the price he and his family are gladly paying to serve their Lord every time I hit Sudan.
It was 41 degrees according to the thermometer in the staff mess. They briefed me on the fact that it had been too hot to sleep in their tukuls during the nite so they stay out past midnight talking as they wait for it to cool down some. God must have had mercy on me because the rain poured cats and dogs late this afternoon, and as I type this post up I’m lying on my bed in a room that might as well be air conditioned, I could not have asked for better weather!
I met with James Koang and explained to him the course that we shall be pursuing for this module. He gave me some encouraging news. It sounds like the men have been applying the Storying method that they learned last time. James was particularly impressed by Yohaness, one of the sharper students I have. He said they have been preaching salvation by grace alone with some clarity. This is great news for me, I know they still have some way to go but I’m trusting that it will please God to use the next three modules to hasten them along on that path that the Gospel might find a believing home in the hearts of many in this region.
I also had a meeting with the CMA construction crew to secure their help in coming up with a plan to construct a new church building for the local church that we attend. Their old one collapsed in the rain and they have been meeting out in the elements or in the remaining half that was precariously left standing. EBC in conjunction with CMA and other well wishers are coming together to help them build a brick building for the church to meet in that can withstand the heavy rains that are about to pour. Half of their old building collapsed and the other half is very unstable. We hope to see the new building erected using cement blocks that are being made by CMA staff on the ground.

If you are interested in helping them out get in touch with myself or Pastor Weaver and we will point you to CMA who are running the building project.,

2 thoughts on “First day

  1. I would like a prayer of pain and anger to be said to me right now cause of what am going through I accept CHRIST the LORD in me I would would want to refresh my life throughout I need someone to help me get along I am full of pain and anger pastor Ken I need you to help me I am ineed of you

  2. Greetings Ken,

    My name is Michael Sandberg and I pastor a small congregation in the US. I also am the director for Pastoral Development for API USA and have been working in western Kenya for eight years, teaching and training pastors and church leaders from all denominations.

    In 2012 while looking for some good books at ACTS, I ran across your book, Gaining the World, Losing the Soul and was immediately gratified and impressed by the message. We now hand this book out at every pastor’s training we host because it is such a vital message to the church.

    I will be in Nairobi on the 15th and 16th of August this year before we head to train pastors in Lodwar and in Eldoret; and I was wondering if you would be in Nairobi on either of those dates and also had an hour or so to talk with me. I recently listened to your interview with the 9Marks ministry and very much appreciated your insights on the African church.

    I will also be back in Nairobi the 31st August through the 2nd of September if that would be a possibility. Thanks for your consideration.

    In His service for His glory,

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