Summary of the rest #7

The second week went smoothly. We looked at the story of Jacob and Esau and learned about the sovereignty of God in salvation. Looked at the story of the spies and saw the necessity of faith (which manifests in obedience) as a necessity for salvation. Looked at the story of Joshua (which means Yahweh Saves) and saw how God fought for His people to save them from their enemies and grant to them entrance into His promised land…Gospel is written all over that. But then we had to stop.
The students got copies of Nuer hymn books which EBC had purchased for them. These books are great in helping the students worship in response to the Gospel. The songs get rich Gospel truths into their hearts through song. The men loved them. I plan to get some more books on my second trip to add to the few that they shared amongst themselves.

Evangelist Michael Gatwack receiving hymn books for the church he started in Pajang

I had the students do the clinic devotions to help them familiarize themselves with the method more and help me understand how I can further help them. They did a great job. The clinic offers a great opportunity to reach people from far off villages. Some of these people walk for hours to come to the clinic. Many if not most if the villages they come from do not have churches. Most if the patients get to hear the Gospel for the first time at the clinic. There are about 1600, patients coming through the clinic every month (keep CMA in your prayers. This organization is serving in an area where most other NGO’s are unwilling to go and they are offering this community health services that are absolutely critical to the livelihoods of the community.)

Peter is one of the most gifted men on the ground, he helps James in the clinic devotions.

James and I preaching to the patients

We ended class with a charge to get to the work, to labour while we still have time, a plea to God to develop a burden for the lost The men asked me to share with them one last charge early Friday morning. So we came in and traced the promised seed from Genesis 3:15 to the cross, saw the grace and mercy of God in the people He chose to be in that linage. Looked at the main covenants that God made with His children and what we learn about the Gospel in them. Then we prayed and dismissed. May God watch over these men, may He rise them up as mighty men of God in the region. May He build His Church through these men. Keep this work in your prayers…may the Church be greatly strengthened in this place, as the fame of our King spreads in the hearts of it’s inhabitants.

The sun setting on our training for this module.

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