Storying continued, journey planned #5

Got back to Storying today with the second story having covered the first one over two days. The students remembered absolutely everything that I had taught them from this story. With this method, when the students fail to remember or understand the point of the passage it is 90% my fault, either I could have done better prep or thought about better questions that would lead them to seeing the point of the passage better. As a model of preaching, it is incredibly effective. A friend from EBC, Walt Middleton, sat me down over coffee and for four hours taught me how to use this method. He did church planting up in the northern part of Kenya using it.
The story ended up being packed with teaching on the role of men in the home. Adam failed to lead his home spiritually. I asked the men if their wives were believers of Jesus, wether they understood the gospel loved the gospel sought to live the gospel…then asked whose responsibility it was…what were they doing to lead their families spiritually. I got some curious thoughts from them when I suggested that their kids should be found often on their laps hearing stories of this powerful, merciful God.
We reviewed the story of Noah, they remembered it just as well, told me the attributes if God displayed…His holiness, justice, mercy and covenant. Saw the sinfulness of man both in his thoughts and acts but also in God’s word about him “I will not destroy man from the face of the earth…even though he is sinful from his youth upward”
Went to Abraham’s test (our first new story) saw the link between saving faith and obedience…talked about the place God’s Word has in their lives eg His Word on their roles as husbands and their roles as preachers of the Gospel…then asked them to point the guilt and failures to the cross which is what the story is all about…we who have refused to give up our Isaac’s are forgiven because God crushed His Son the cross. We said the way to be what God calls us to be is to look at the Gospel and allow the glory of God’s deep love to change us, empower us and instruct us.
Wrapped up class by planning to walk to one of the villages we’d talked about earlier and preaching in the church there then evangelizing in the market later in the day. I will need much grace to lead these men well.

James Koang addressing the crowd after the preaching

Kids helping carry the sound equipment to the market for open air preaching

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