Marriage and the Gospel #4

We’ve had a few interesting days of class. We’ve been looking at the Gospel…what Christ is to His Bride the Church as seen in the first marriage. But weve also been spending time applying that to their views of marriage. The poem that Adam recited to Eve…his first words to his bride…God’s description of how it will work…thus a man shall leave his father and mother and shall cleave to his wife. The unchallenged devotion to her (shall leave), the unbreakable covenant (shall cleave), the inseparable union (and the two shall become one) and the fact that the man is here the one primarily addressed…then we got to discuss their marriages…asked if their marriages displayed the Gospel to people, if they are to love as Christ loved the Church…are they showing that singular devotion or are they allowing their relationships with friends and extended family come in the way, we challenged their understanding of the marriage covenant, the rate of divorce here is way too high for a village…it’s a simple matter of taking back the cows you paid as bride price and the divorce is sealed. Then of course there was the intimacy of it all, are we pursuing that uniquely intimate relationship, seeking to know her…to allow yourself to be known. It was pure fun! There were moments of grand awkwardness. These things are in many ways foreign to a traditional African view of marriage.

At the start of class I had begun with the question “in the eyes of God who is more important in their being?” 10 out of 12 said the man. So it took a day of class to show the equality in being and difference in roles that complement each other. We did it by looking at the relationship of the Trinity…by the time we were getting done with the Trinity some guys in the class were smiling saying “we are about to be cornered”. It was no doubt a fun two days of class. The overarching question was “are you seeking to display the Gospel through your marriage?” focusing on the Gospel is the means to that end.

2 thoughts on “Marriage and the Gospel #4

  1. This is so helpful and important. More and more I’m thinking that misunderstandings about marriage, misunderstandings of the gospel and misunderstandings about the nature of God (Trinity) are inseperable – completely intertwined. It’s so encouraging to hear about your mission and teaching on these issues brother. Bwana asifiwe.

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