Church service and first day of class #3

Had a great Lord’s day. My heart started off somewhat troubled as the service begun, it just seems to me that these men are so chilled out in their task to lead the church of God through the proclamation of the Gospel. I sat in the service with my heart vexed with thoughts of the amount of work yet to be done. Very little urgency, little passion, and by and large I cannot produce it in them. It has to be a work of the Spirit. So when I got up to speak I spoke that which was upon my heart…the Gospel, we looked at how those who have found the kingdom act…they sell everything they have with joy that they may posses the kingdom! I asked them if they knew anything of that joy. Those who enter into the kingdom are those who have been born again…I asked if they have been born again. Then I preached the Gospel. From the feedback I was getting I decided to encourage those who had been convicted from the sermon to indicate that they would love to hear more about how they can be one born again…that was a mistake, everyone lifted their hands, including the pastor! I never have people do that, I should have known better.

Next day we started the first day of class. Earlier that day I spent a few hours working on accurate estimates for the church construction project. Josephat Munyi, he helped me come up with a design and estimates of the building material. This document will help us come up with an accurate figure of how much it will cost…or at least a figure in the neighborhood.
The first day of class was very encouraging and interesting. I begun by collecting data on the authority structures in their churches and the organizational structures of their parishes. This helped me identify which men were in charge and who I could contact to see if the training we are offering could be recognized by the Presbyterian church of South Sudan. I also did a review of the last course. I asked the men to each choose one story that we had covered in the last module and use it to preach the Gospel. I was pleasantly surprised. All the men shared the Gospel from the stories satisfactorily, though with differing clarity. They are getting it. Two more modules on the same track and I think the men will be thoroughly equipped to preach Christ from the Old and New Testament.

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