Storying with the pastors #3

Next day…pancakes with an attitude and omelets for breakfast and we were off to the clinic. The women from the Presbyterian Church came for the preaching session. It was a packed “house”. We looked at the story of Joseph…the man who by the providence of God had to go through suffering so that his brothers who had sinned against him would be saved from certain death. The christocentric application is pretty clear and powerful. We are not Joseph in the story we are the wicked brothers. God sent His Son to suffer and die on the cross so that we might be saved from the penalty of our sins, just like He sent Joseph ahead to suffer then later save his brothers from starving to death.

Spent the rest of the morning reading up for the training session with the pastors in the afternoon. Took an involuntary nap as I was doing so. Beans and rice for lunch which funny enough did not fill my stomach up with gas as they normally do. The training session went great. The pastors seemed engaged, application from the story of how Adam and Eve tried to cover up for their own sins using leaves as compared to the covering that God offered them through the death of the animal from whose skin came their clothes, seemed to get to them. “What are you doing with your sins? Running away from God to deal with them? By covering up for them with a few good deeds to make you feel good about yourself? By trying to keep secrets? Leaves! Run to the cross instead, Christ’s blood has been shed for you, His righteousness is a perfect covering.”

Took a walk in the market in the evening, saw an auction for bulls…fairly interesting. Had a long chat with a dude called Reath who is not a believer, we connected as he told me of his background in playing soccer; hope I can get a chance to clearly share the Gospel with him before I leave. Just as I was thinking of leaving I met Yohaness, one of my best students from the first training. He’d been out of town and did not know that I was coming to conduct the training. It was really great to see this man, he has a great heart and is a great pleasure to have in class. To my pleasure he has made plans to attend. Had an interesting convo about politics with the team over supper and turned in at about 11:00pm. The bat did its thing at night again but same as the other night it did not bug me much.

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