Reminded why I am sold out to storying! #4

We had an interesting class today. Did a review of the previous day’s class then dove into the third story; Cain and Abel. The question arose about finding acceptance in God vs finding acceptance in others. From which came the question what is our

acceptance in God based on? Good works or Christ’s work. Which led us to Romans 5:6,8; 4:5; Eph 1:6. This discussion once again convinced me that we have to approach people who come from illiterate cultures in a different way. Storying is the only way forward with this group. It took me at least an hour to show them the truth that one cannot be saved by his works because for that to happen one would need to keep the law perfectly and the Bible and personal experience tell us that no one can or ever has Rom 2:15, 3:19-20. Thus the only way out for us is for us to obtain perfect righteousness through a different path, faith in Christ Rom 3:21-26, 4:5. They would look a verse square in the face and not see it. They are still preaching salvation by works to their people. One student made a comment to end that one can be saved by their good deeds and another remarked “why on earth do you love preaching salvation by the keeping of the law so much yet you keep breaking it.” There is a silver lining to this doctrinal cloud; I think he’s getting the point.

Met Dave Pierce coming back from class! This is a weird Sudan trip, that’s two people from EBC that I have met here now. He is a pilot with MAF and is spending the night here before a long route tomorrow ending up in Nairobi. I’m sure it will be a great evening with him…I can smell the chapatis so it was destined to be a great evening all along.

A great evening it was indeed. We had fellowship like I have not had in a long time, not even back in Nairobi. Shared thoughts on Heaven, the glories of Christ that we shall share in, the brevity of life, and the urgency of the work of missions, it was a great time.

One thought on “Reminded why I am sold out to storying! #4

  1. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Your heart for Christ and joy in being covered in his righteousness just flows off the screen. I’m particularly interested at the moment in the whole storying method. If you could interact with the stuff on our blog and give your comments and experience there I’d be really grateful for your input.You certainly make a very strong case in your posts here.

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