The Unfinished Task in South Sudan #2

EBC in conjunction with CMA have been working together in South Sudan from the beginning of 2011. Our vision is to reach the new nation with the Gospel of Christ. After doing a survey trip in May of 2011 we determined that the most effective way of reaching the nation is by investing in the existing churches by seeking to train up their leadership, so that they may in turn reach their own with the Gospel.
The training is done in Juaibor, a small village in Fangak County, Jonglei State, South Sudan. So far we have done four, two week training blocks and although the progress has been slow, the fruit of the training is starting to show in their lives with students showing a better grasp of the Gospel message and an ability to explain and defend it.
I will be posting journal articles that were compiled mainly when I was in Juaibor during the last training block. The main reason to do this is to allow the members of EBC and other partners to better understand the nature of the work up there, both the challenges and the triumphs as seen through my eyes in day to day ministry. The journal is not a personal one so I do not spend too much time talking about me as I do about what happened. However given that the material is by and large summaries of how my day went, a personal note might have found its way into the writting. I trust that the fruit of these postings shall be seen in a keener focus at EBC to reach the unreached with the Gospel both in our community and in lands where Christ’s name has not been named.

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