Lunching with an atheist

about two months back I had the pleasure of going out for a lunch that I was not paying for…so as you can imagine I was really enjoying myself. as we were conversing at the table (we were five of us, a christian couple from my church, a young lady friend of theirs and a german young man whom she had met randomly and invited her to church) the topic about the demise of christianity in the west came up. I thought of asking the german visitor if he attended church at all to which he answered, “no I don’t…actually I am not a christian at all!” my delightful lunch was about to take a turn. within a few minutes we were engrossed in a deep philosophical discussion about the existence of God…we were not arguing, our voices were not raised but we were definitely engaged in an intense debate. he did not believe the Bible was the Word of God did not believe that there was even a God, labeled christianity along with all other man made religions etc so we could not begin from the Gospel because he even rejected the idea that sin was a real thing however although we did not start from it we kept going back to it just because philosophy never saved any man. the class I took with Joel Arnold came through for me like the winning lottery ticket on the day of the draw (its just an illustration) his world view had way to many inconsistencies and I did my best to shake his false foundation in between sharing with him the Good News about Christ.

a few hours later we parted ways, he had been very open and friendly through the whole time so we all felt closer to him at the end of it all than at the beginning. despite that he had not called on Christ to save him. last sunday the couple that I had been out to lunch with that day gave me a message from our atheist friend, he wanted me to know that he was back in Germany now and is faithfully attending church!!! God can do wonders…pray that God would open his eyes to the sin that he is living in and grant him faith to call on Christ; mankind’s only hope.

One thought on “Lunching with an atheist

  1. Reina says:

    hey,good to know of how the Lord is using you.also nice to know you still keep your blog updated good stuff continue to use it to encourage some of us.

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