what about persecution in Sudan???

just accross our kenyan border, millions of christians bare the cross of Christ at a cost unexperienced by most of us. our Sudaneese brothers and sisters are facing persecution from muslim opressors. you and I have a sacred duty before our King to stand in the gap for our fellow saints in prayer to ask for grace on their behalf… to place our time, wealth and lives at the disposal of the Master for the work that He is doing in Sudan. http://www.persecution.org/suffering/country_info.php

I Cor 12:26 “and if one member suffers the other members suffer with it or if one member is honored the other members rejoice with it.”

please send up a prayer for them just now…


2 thoughts on “what about persecution in Sudan???

  1. Rahab says:

    It is our responsibility as christians all over the world to pray for the persecuted church. If we are truly one body, we will feel the effects of pain on another part of the body. The best gift one can give anyone is the gift of prayer.

  2. Francis Kaunda says:

    Brother Ken there is no doubt regarding our responsibility. May the Lord ignite in us a passion to pray for our brothers and sisters who are suffering. To you Ken, may you see the Lord fulfil the passion you have for Kenya.

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